One-Gun-A-Month in New Jersey

I’ve gotten word that it’s passed out of committee, and will head to a floor vote.  More to come later.

7 Responses to “One-Gun-A-Month in New Jersey”

  1. I’m gonna be sick.

  2. Gibcity says:

    I’m already sick

  3. david says:

    I thought that NJ’s gun laws were so restrictive that one gun a month represents an improvement

  4. Bill Waites says:

    No one remembers Lenin:

    “A system of licensing and registration is the perfect device to deny gun ownership to the bourgeoisie.” — Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

    We get what we deserve, when we vote for these guys!!

  5. J. Dock says:

    Straight to my reference page with that one, Bill. Thanks!

  6. teqjack says:

    Well, I couldn’t afford that matched pair of Purdy shotguns anyway.

  7. B Smith says:

    …And so now I have one or two of Ol’ Vladimir’s (ex-) guns, hanging around the homestead, here. Nice.