Anschutz Responds

A few months ago The Firearms blog reported that Anschutz was working with people out to destroy our rights. I mentioned I’d not buy their products, despite the fact I compete in an area I could use one. The Firearms Blog publishes today, a response from Anschutz that convinces me my decision to never purchase one of their products is absolutely the correct one. I will not do business with a company like this.

You guys were planning to sell us out. You even pretty much admit it. Don’t get pissy with us because we caught you. He closes with:

At the same time, we can assure that the market and the demand determine the products of a company. And ANSCHUTZ has an inquiry from the Biathlon federation to have a look in that topic. In Germany and Europe we have complete different gun laws than in the US. Please keep that in mind.

Yes, you do, so why cooperate to destroy yourselves even further? You don’t notice the noose tightening every time there’s a mass shooting in Europe? You think if you give just a little more they are going to be happy and stop trying to destroy these sports? You’re fools if you believe that.

You want to be a European gun company and only sell neutered guns to Europeans, that’s your prerogative. American shooters take a very different view of companies who sell them out. Smith and Wesson’s near destruction should have taught you that.

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  1. They are embracing regulatory capture, to be the first worm, on the hook – it’s a sell-out to Big Government and a kind of arms-maker fascism, to be the only maker left standing.

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