H-S Precision Hoping It Would Go Away?

I’m guessing H-S Precision was hoping this issue would just go away over the long weekend — we’d all stuff ourselves with Turkey, eat pumpkin pie, drink, and forget all about the fact that they have a product endorsement from a federal agent who narrowly avoided prosecution for murdering a woman.  Well, today’s Shooting Wire:

It seems, however, H-S Precision has missed the mark – badly – in their choice of endorsements.

On the back cover of their latest catalog is what appears to be a rather innocuous recommendation of H-S products by a mid-level FBI bureaucrat. But the letter is evoking strong responses by some outraged shooters.

Some watershed moments in American history evoke strong emotions. 9/11 can represent either the moment of perfect evil visited on America or the resiliency of the American spirit.

Others have no positive redeeming quality. One of those is Ruby Ridge.

Read the whole thing.  It’s not going away.  Will we hear anything from them?  Or are they hoping this still blows over?

One thought on “H-S Precision Hoping It Would Go Away?”

  1. I just saw this from the president of the Montana Shooting Sports Association.

    “I’ve exchanged several emails with somebody who knows people in management at H-S Precision. During our email exchanges this gent called H-S and spoke with the people he knows there. Without revealing personalities or exact conversation, here are the facts that came from that dialog:

    1) H-S Precision knew about Lon Horiuchi’s history when they engaged him;

    2) H-S engaged Horiuchi, I am told, as “head of their sniper rifle procurement program”;

    )3 One may fairly presume that the purpose of H-S’s “sniper rifle procurement program” is to secure H-S contracts with government agencies;

    4) H-S was advised by someone with superior credentials in the firearm manufacturing business NOT to use the Horiuchi endorsement; and

    5) H-S intends to just hunker down and hope this will blow over.

    It follows from these steps that H-S knew Horiuchi’s history, was warned about possible downside to using him, but chose to use Horiuchi and his endorsement of H-S products because of Horiuchi’s perceived positive reputation within government law enforcement.”

    Read the rest here: http://www.progunleaders.org/H-S/update.html

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