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  1. Any of you know a guitar player?

    Any of you know a guitar player with only one guitar?

    Asking those two questions usually shuts them up.

  2. Linked to on Joe’s site … worth a review.

    The 1938 German Weapons Act

    The 1938 German Weapons Act, the precursor of the current weapons law, superseded the 1928 law. As under the 1928 law, citizens were required to have a permit to carry a firearm and a separate permit to acquire a firearm. Furthermore, the law restricted ownership of firearms to “…persons whose trustworthiness is not in question and who can show a need for a (gun) permit.” Under the new law:

    * Gun restriction laws applied only to handguns, not to long guns or ammunition. Writes Prof. Bernard Harcourt of the University of Chicago, “The 1938 revisions completely deregulated the acquisition and transfer of rifles and shotguns, as well as ammunition.”[4]
    * The groups of people who were exempt from the acquisition permit requirement expanded. Holders of annual hunting permits, government workers, and Nazi party members were no longer subject to gun ownership restrictions. Prior to the 1938 law, only officials of the central government, the states, and employees of the German Reichsbahn Railways were exempted.[5]
    * The age at which persons could own guns was lowered from 20 to 18.[6]
    * The firearms carry permit was valid for three years instead of one year.[7]
    * Jews were forbidden from the manufacturing of firearms and ammunition.[8]

    Under both the 1928 and 1938 acts, gun manufacturers and dealers were required to maintain records with information about who purchased guns and the guns’ serial numbers. These records were to be delivered to a police authority for inspection at the end of each year.

    On November 11, 1938, the Minister of the Interior, Wilhelm Frick, passed Regulations Against Jews’ Possession of Weapons. This regulation effectively deprived all Jews of the right to possess firearms or other weapons.[9]

  3. I just ordered a new tactical AR from Stag Arms with a pretty Aimpoint CompM4s sight. My 24″ Rock River Arms AR was beginning to feel lonely.

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