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Glenn Reynolds on the Inauguration:

CONGRATULATIONS TO MR. OBAMA: The civil-rights revolution was something of my parents’ generation, not mine — my dad marched at Selma, but I was learning to walk, talk and eat at the time, skills I found useful in later life, but . . . . Still, whether or not you voted for Barack Obama, this is a watershed moment. I find that my overwhelming feeling for him right now is sympathy, though, as it was for President Bush. Bill Clinton probably realizes just how lucky he was to be President during a period where things were relatively calm. I fear that won’t be Obama’s lot, as it wasn’t Bush’s, though I hope I’m wrong.

If circumstances manage to hobble Obama’s presidency, I will consider us lucky.  Many on the left seem eager to reassure us that Obama will not spend his political capital going after guns, but I am not so sure.  We will see.

One thought on “Quote of the Day”

  1. Alas, I have other fears than just guns. I don’t want to see Obama push for (nor receive) some sort of Universal Health Care. I don’t want to see my taxes go up (I’m one of those considered ‘rich’ by the Obama followers). Both of those things will put a hamper in my finances that make buying firearms more difficult.

    It will also hamper those who are willing to fight for us. When you’re trying desperately to save your small business, you won’t have the time to fight new gun laws. During Clinton’s tenure, a blind felon could get a job as a night watchman. We had time and money to spare. Now, things are going to be tighter and with the number of assaults on freedom we are looking at (and I have no problem being wrong on that), I fear we’re going to be out-gunned from the get go, pun entirely intended.

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