What’s Selling

From today’s Shooting Wire:

High-end retailers continue to report steady sales, with increased interest in AR-style rifles. Their biggest challenge was getting the “upper priced models and accessories”. There was also a markedly lower interest in the high-end hunting guns, with a couple of retailers admitting surprise that high-end hunting rifles were coming in as trades for – you guessed it- AR-style rifles and semi-auto pistols.

Mid-level dealers say their business was spiking in ammo sales, particularly in the .223/5.56, 7.62×39, and .308. In fact, many were calling around in their dealer networks last week trying to find more of each – with no luck. As one dealer said “we can’t even get the stuff we normally warn our customers about shooting because of the lacquered cases.”

This week ammo is in even shorter supply with .308 selling at what some dealers characterized as “ridiculous” levels. Friday, I saw 5,000 rounds of .22 caliber ammo fetch and $400. Granted, it was very high-end ammo, but that price was staggering. Even more surprising, there was no argument at the price.

They are saying even pawn shop owners are saying people are coming in and offer gold jewelry, and old guns for AR-15s and semi-auto pistols.   It’s almost like someone is planning to ban them or something.

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