3 thoughts on “Gun Sales Video”

  1. Duane Irwin of cheaper than dirt …

    What an … he just simply called semiautos “assault weapons” and seemingly like mostly to talk about how happy he was with the income he was raking in. He was the worst 2A advocate on the entire video.

  2. “James Jacobs teaches Law at New York University and is an expert in gun control policy.” Some expert!? He talks about the Heller case and doesn’t appear to realize that it doesn’t apply to the states yet. I think eventually it will, but it may take years for such a case to make it to the Supreme Court. He says, “I don’t see now what kind of restrictive gun legislation Congress would even pass.” Well, we do have quite a few pro-gun Democrats in Congress, so I hope he’s right. However, I could see magazine restrictions, a .50 cal ban, and even possibly a ban on semi-auto rifles “capable of using” a removable magazine that holds more than x rounds. Obama and Pelosi may be able to put a lot of pressure on those pro-gun Democrats, and I fear they may cave on some of these issues. I’d be willing to bet the recent rise in gun buying involved very few bolt action rifles and six-shot revolvers.

    I do hope Mr Jacobs reiterates the views he expresses here of what the Second Amendment means the next time a relevant case come before the courts.

  3. Actually, understanding Supreme Court precedent on incorporation, The Second Amendment is really already incorporated. The courts merely need to take notice of it. The Court has retreated from selective incorporation in recent years.

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