Ammunition Prices

The Firearm Blog links to this great piece on ammunition prices over the past two years, and speculates that the price of ammunition is going to drop sometime in 2009.  I would tend to agree that the ever upward pressure on prices has to break at some point.  If we don’t see an Obama/UN arms treaty, it might be possible at some point for the Iraqi government to sell all that fine ammunition back to us as surplus.

5 thoughts on “Ammunition Prices”

  1. I hope it does, but not holding my breath when it comes to Obama. If he does some treaty with the UN or some EPA green ammo crap, prices will rise. But, again, if it does it will allow me to shot more centerfire and less rimfire amm. And that, would be change I can believe in.

  2. At the Remington new products seminar I attended a few weeks back, the reps said they expect the street prices to be quite a bit lower than the MSRPs and 2009 catalog prices.

    That’s barring government crap, of course.

  3. Good luck on the Iraqis selling any ammo back. I point out that almost all members of the un are now destroying suplus ammunition stocks rather then selling the on the world market.

  4. Well, I’ll say this. If we can raise the concern of elected leaders into worrying if they are going to lose their job if they pass more gun restrictions (or ammo restrictions), they won’t act on any of the Obama anti-gun bs. Prices are likely to go up next year anyway, at least thats my prediction. However, as long as we the honest gun owner, the NRA, the GOA, and other pro-second amendment organizations make it clear that any more anti-gun legislation will not be tollerated, not only will we keep our rights, but the prices will eventually come down.

    Its time to motivate ourselves for a political fight that is on the horizon. We must organize, we must take notes of pending legislation, and any leaders we may possibly be able to vote out in 2010 should they attack our rights.

    If you love your rights and your way of life, it is time to speak up.

    Tell your reps exactly what will happen if the Democrats suddenly become motivated to tell the honest gun owner they don’t trust them with a pump shotgun, let alone an AR-15.

    You may like this, have a look and send it on to a relative.

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