Clearly It’s a Gun Lobby Plot

Thirdpower comments on Bryan Miller’s latest bit of crap on the increase in gun sales being a gun lobby plot.  I really love this bit from Bryan, personally:

You can see it, can’t you? The ‘boys with their toys’ using any excuse to do the old: “Hey, Honey, because (Obama was elected, a big snow is predicted, an old tree looks frail, any excuse for a new toy) I need to go down to the (gun shop, hardware store, etc.) and pick up a new (gun, snow blower, chain saw, whatever).”

In our household, we got his and her guns in honor of the impending Obama Presidency.

14 thoughts on “Clearly It’s a Gun Lobby Plot”

  1. I tried to convince Better Half to let me build her a pink AR-15 (she saw a table full of multi-colored furniture at Coal Creek when I was picking up the lowers). Sadly, no joy. That said, given that her primary objection to firearms is the noise and concussion, I may be making progress on the possibility of an integrally suppressed .22.

    I could live with that instead ;).

  2. I’m thinking of getting a century arms PSL but I can’t decide whether it is worth the 700 bucks. It strikes me as a 500 dollar gun.

  3. I took the plunge and went for the Springfield XDM in .40. I have 3 AR’s and a long range 7mm WSM, while my only handgun is a P94 Ruger with the infernal 10 round clips.

    It was the last one I could find in a 100 mile radius, and there are NO AR’s of any type available. One dealer told me he has sold his complete concession for the next 12 months!

  4. Got the compliance parts for a Romy G kit on the way as well as a spikes AR lower… managed to get both before the panic

  5. Seriously, how does Bryan Miller still have a job? Where the hell is his editor, and does that person ever read the comments on his pieces? If I had an employee that was so wrong so many times I would have fired them a long time ago.

  6. Mike:

    We got his and her 1911s, from the Para Gun Blogger Summer camp. I bought my .45, and they let her buy one of the 9mm 1911s since she helped organize the bash.

  7. Bryan’s claim that the numbers are bogus can now be put to rest:

    According to FBI figures for the week of November 3 to 9, the bureau received more than 374,000 requests for background checks on gun purchasers — a nearly 49 percent increase over the same period in 2007. Conatser said his store, Virginia Arms Company, has run out of some models — such as the AR-15 rifle, the civilian version of the military’s M-16 — and is running low on others.

  8. Hey, at the very least, BM (heh) categorized firearms properly – with the rest of the useful tools – gun, snow blower, chainsaw.

    I’ll be over here makin’ lemonade. Mmm lemonade.

  9. Bryan Miller earns his actual income, which is likely in the six-figure range, from some type of corporate/professional job. At least I think he does. I read an article online which quoted Bryan Miller last summer, and it had a picture or two of him in his Center City, Philadelphia office. He has that total bourgeois leftist look about him if you ask me, you know, the type of person who is all for higher taxes on “the rich”, yet rarely gives any charitable donations out-of-pocket personally.

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