A Call for Unity from Outdoor Life

Via SayUncle, there is an excellent article by Derek Reeves of Outdoor life:

We are heading into, perhaps, the darkest times for gun ownership and our liberties. We have the potential for the most anti-gun, anti-liberty, socialistic President in the history of our country. Running on the platform of “Change, We can believe in” with dashes of hope his Second Amendment stance is, at best, horrendous. Barrack Obama, claims he supports gun ownership while his own actions contradict his words. He feels that no one, other than law enforcement, should have concealed carry permits, that no civilian should have a semi-automatic weapon of any kind, and has said he will reinstate the Assault Weapons Ban and that the Washington D.C. gun ban is proper and should stand.

He goes on to call for unity, and action, which I couldn’t agree with more:

Now is the time for all of us, gun owners and constitutionally minded individuals, to come together under one banner. That banner can be the NRA but most importantly it has to be heard through votes. There are an estimated two to three hundred million registered firearms in the hands of law abiding Americans–that is a strong and very loud voice at the polls. Or we can stay divided, kick back and hope for change or is it change for hope?

Read the whole thing.  Too many gun folks are thinking about voting for Barack Obama.  I have heard from an activist up in the northern part of the state of a club there where about half the membership were supporting Obama.  Even I ran into one guy who stated that he had to make a choice between his guns, and eating, and he had to eat.  The risk for us is that people are worried to death about the economy.  Even I am pretty worried.  But I don’t seek comfort in Obama.  Obama will not fix us.  He is just a man — from Chicago.

One thing I should relay is that working with the campaigns, I’ve heard their internal polling is telling them something vastly different than the polls you see the media.  Obama spent his weekend in Philadelphia.  He wouldn’t do that if his polls were telling him he had Pennsylvania sown up.  This is still winnable, but we have to get involved.  The time is now.

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  1. Sounds like at least one Fudd has suddenly figured out that the one WILL be coming after the Perrazzies(sp) as well as our EBRs. Better late than never I suppose.

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