Conference Call with Missouri Governor Matt Blunt

Governor Blunt hosted a conference call a few minutes ago with several gun bloggers.  Mostly it was to talk about the upcoming election.  Not much in the way of news to me, since I’m already pretty familiar with the campaign’s talking points on guns.  Several bloggers expressed concern with John McCain’s record on guns, and indicated they didn’t trust him.  Blunt’s response was basically that you can trust McCain a hell of a lot more than you can trust Barack Obama.  This might surprise you, but I actually trust Barack Obama on the gun issue.  I trust that he’s going to screw gun owners every chance he gets.  Either way, hopefully other bloggers took better notes than I did, and I’ll be able to update this post with some more detailed coverage.

The one question I asked was what kind of activity the Governor saw from ACORN in Missouri.  He indicated it was substantial and worrisome.  He doesn’t agree with those who suggest that registration fraud is not worrisome, since that invariably is done in order to commit fraud at the ballot box.  Missouri indicted 12 ACORN employees from 2006 and 2007, before this current fiasco got started.  ACORN’s activities are a serious concern to me.  With several states already saying they can’t ensure a fair election, this is going to seriously affect people’s confidence in this election.  We’ve already had too many elections where that’s been an issue, and I worry another doubtful election will rip the country apart.  With Obama hiring $800 grand worth of ACORN services for this election, if this is the kind of change he’s selling, he can keep it.

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  1. For reference on voter fraud, ACORN “registered” around 33,000 “voters” in WI this year. The margin of victory in the 2004 election was just north of 11,000 votes, well within the amount of change those 33,000 registrations could swing.

  2. I used to live in Missouri and Blunt’s a good man — a true 2nd Amendment conservative in a state plagued by a liberal media attack machine. When did he hsot this blogger call? That’s pretty cool that he’s reaching out.

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