Do You Subscribe to Outdoor Life?

I’m calling on everyone who has read the Zumbo article and has a subscription to Outdoor Life to cancel your subscription. At the least, make sure they know you’re really unhappy with the article.

We need hunters on our side, but hunters also need us. The hunting community has been shrinking, while the shooting community is growing. Neither of our communities will survive long term if we don’t stand together, and we have to make sure we don’t let people like Zumbo contribute to our downfall.

UPDATE: Outdoor life is distancing themselves from Zumbo’s statements. I’ll declare Mission Accomplished and call off the attack dogs on this matter.

UPDATE2: I noticed we’ve been linked by a lefty blog!  Welcome. A lot has happened since I posted this, and I encourage everyone coming here from SeaJane to take a look around and see what else I’m saying about the issue.  Decide for yourself whether I’m a nutty extremist being programmed by the NRA to destroy a man’s career.

Also, the NRA had nothing to do with the whole Zumbo thing.  They didn’t even get involved until after it was all over.

3 Responses to “Do You Subscribe to Outdoor Life?”

  1. straightarrow says:

    It would probably behoove all of us to hold off on judgments of sponsors and publishers until they have had a good chance to state their positions, either explicitly or implicitly.

    Zumbo has emphatically stated his position so we need not extend him time to clarify his postiotn. He had 42 years, and we now know what his position is.

  2. Ian Diesel says:

    Its kinda funny. I need an assault rifle to hunt? What do you think youll hit when you use the semi feature. You will hit less.
    One shot one kill.
    Your fathers should have taken you hunting more.

    (happily hunting with a 270 bdl 150g round)

  3. Sebastian says:

    No, I don’t need an assault rifle to hunt Ian, because I don’t hunt. This isn’t really about hunting, it’s about the fact that the constitution guarantees me the right to keep and bear arms, and the fact that Jim Zumbo and folks like him (that would be you) are giving tremendous ammunition (no pun intended) to those who want to crap all over that right and make firearms illegal or extremely burdensome to own. And this includes the “sniper rifle” you hunt with dude, in addition to my “assault rifle”.

    We’re not doing any favor for either of our sports by seeing who can be first to throw the other under the bus. There are those who want to ban both shooting and hunting, so lets not give them any help OK?