5 thoughts on “People Still Buying Guns”

  1. Or hunting and shooting sports are becoming more popular. Or any number of reasons. Or people realize guns are good investments. It is likely, all-of-the-above.

    Regardless, now is a good time to buy more guns, and or course ammo.

    I expect this weekend’s gun show (the last big one in Tampa before the election) ought to be REAL fun.

  2. “…are people scared about the economy and fear crime will rise? Or do they fear Barack Obama? My bet is on the latter.”

    My answer is: Both.

  3. Yeah, aging baby boomers trying to keep from being crime victims is a primary reason why sales and concealed carry permits have been going up for some time. But the prospect of the most anti-gun president EVER being elected will cause panic buying. I’m thinking of buying another AK just for the heck of it – because I still can.

  4. I’ve personally been buying more guns, including an evil black rifle in anticipation of either loser being elected. My friends who ordinarily are not into guns have started buying them, and my local range is more crowded. something’s happening here…..

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