Trickery Works

Only 51% of Americans think McCain is better than Obama on guns.  We laugh at Obama’s attempts to convince us that he supports the second amendment, and won’t take our guns.  But it really does fool a lot of people.  This is going to be a tough election.  As Bitter points out, Obama has a much better ground game, and a much larger warchest.

Obama is determined to have Pennsylvania.  We have to make sure we’re doing everything we can to make that not happen this election, or at the very least force Obama’s campaign to spend like hell to hold onto the Keystone State.  That ties up funds and volunteers here, and McCain can shore up his support in other battleground states.  This is definitely not the election to sit on the sidelines.

One thought on “Trickery Works”

  1. The good news is that only 37% said Obama would be better (probably folks in favor of gun bans), so the other 12% were probably folks who said none of the above (probably includes folks who don’t like McCain’s stance on gun shows for example). 51% plus 12% makes 63% who don’t choose Obama based on his gun stance, which makes McCain’s 51% look much better than a 51/49 ratio would have looked.

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