CeaseFire PA Forming a PAC

Phil Goldsmith has been running around Pennsylvania trying to get to know gun owners, and looking for some allies.

Goldsmith hopes to leverage the unsuspected moderateness of our citizenry. CeaseFire PA has formed a PAC and this year will try to “pick off” — electorally, not violently — a handful of legislators whose opposition to gun control seems out of step with their constituents. Goldsmith’s goal is to make officials as fearful of crossing CeaseFire PA as they are of tangling with the NRA — and his trip makes him hopeful it can happen. “In Elk County, I saw more elk than people,” he says. “And the elk are on my side.”

What a great pro-hunting message.  The Elk are on your side?  I guess because those rural cousin humping rednecks keep insisting on shooting them eh?  Good thing Sarah Palin isn’t around!

Get involved Pennsylvanians.  These guys aren’t going to give up.  They can bring money to the table, but what they can’t bring are votes and volunteers.  We have to bring those.

One thought on “CeaseFire PA Forming a PAC”

  1. well if his plan is to get elk to vote for anti-gun politicians, I don’t think his plan will be very successful.

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