CeaseFire PA Coming to MAIG’s Defense

This is a PDF of an e-mail that was circulated by CeaseFire PA earlier in the week. It comes from a source I know to be reliable.  It’s titled “Standing Up and Fighting Back Against the NRA.”  Let’s take a look:

There’s only one way to confront a bully – stand up to him and speak the truth. That’s what CeaseFirePA and its allies are doing across Pennsylvania in response to a smear and misinformation campaign engineered by the NRA.

So here we have Joe Grace, Executive Director of the gun control group, CeaseFire PA, admitting to MAIG as an ally.  Yet we’re constantly told by the media and the Mayors themselves that MAIG is not a gun control group!

I think it’s abundantly clear by this point that the emperor has no clothes. Now we’ve established a relationship between not one, but two gun control groups operating in Pennsylvania in conjunction with Mayors Against Illegal Guns.  Do Pennsylvania MAIG Mayors want to continue arguing that they are not standing along side a group promoting gun control?  Is this what defending the Second Amendment and the Pennsylvania Constitution is in their book?

2 thoughts on “CeaseFire PA Coming to MAIG’s Defense”

  1. They want to stand up to the bullies, but want to take away the tools that enable people to physically stand to bullies. If Darwin was right, eventually they will realize their error.

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