New CeaseFire PA Executive Director

Looks like CeaseFire Pennsylvania is naming former spokesman for Mayor Street Joe Grace to their Executive Director post:

Were hiring Joe Grace because its time for CeaseFire PA to take its growing coalition in support of stronger handgun laws to the next level, Goldsmith said. As CeaseFire PA takes its campaign to communities across Pennsylvania, it needs an experienced campaign strategist who understands what it takes to achieve results. Joe is that person and were pleased to welcome him aboard.

Joe succeeds Diane Edbril, who has served as part-time executive director.

Diane has done a wonderful job. But our growth requires a full-time individual at the helm. I am delighted she will continue on a part-time basis to work with Joe as we further our mission to make communities safer, Goldsmith said.

I’m not a professional political analyst or anything, but my take on this is that CeaseFire PA has decided they need someone a little more dedicated to be able to make any movement at all in Pennsylvania. Their defeat in the Judiciary Committee a few weeks ago clearly did not go unnoticed by the powers that be in the Pennsylvania gun ban movement.

Grace served for the last two and ½ years as communications director for Philadelphia Mayor John F. Street. In that role he interacted with mayors from across Pennsylvania on the issue of growing violence caused by illegal handguns, and with the national coalition of mayors focused on reducing gun violence headed by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Boston Mayor Tom Menino.

I’m not sure I’d trust a guy that directed Street’s communication. I guess the FBI felt that Street communicated pretty well though, or they wouldn’t have bugged his office.

But what’s this growing crap? CeaseFire PA is growing? I mean, maybe 2007 is going to be a bumper year for them, but based on their IRS 990s (search “CeaseFire Pennsylvania”), I wouldn’t exactly brag. In 2004, they recorded total assets of $17,673, and in 2005 reported $24,201. My total assets exceeded that when I was living in an apartment in my mid 20s. Also for 2005, they list direct public support of about 31 large, which was down from 2004, listed at about 40 large.

Just for some comparison, in 2006, Allegheny County Sportsmens League had $186 grand in assets, and 43,267 in contributions.  That was up over 2005 with 180 grand in assets and 38 grand in contributions.

Of course, they are one of many Pennsylvania gun rights organizations.   Gun control in Pennsylvania growing?  I’m afraid only in Ed Rendell’s mind.  The numbers say otherwise.

4 Responses to “New CeaseFire PA Executive Director”

  1. PN NJ says:

    They’re not going to hire a full-time director unless they’ve got some kind of financing lined up, like a Joyce Foundation grant. And Bryan Miller’s one man band in NJ manages to get a fair amount of publicity, despite minimal financial assets.

  2. anon says:

    One good lawsuit (conspiracy to violate civil rights, maybe?) could wipe them out…

  3. Sebastian says:

    That’s always an interesting way of raising awareness of what they are actually advocating, but at what point are you conspiring to violating my civil rights as opposed to exercising first amendment rights to speech, free assembly, and petition?

  4. K-Romulus says:

    I saw in this week that Alex “Culturologist” was selected for the Ceasefire PA Board. That should enliven things up there if he is as crazy in person as he is online.