Boston Globe Mislead

When are reporters going to learn that the Brady Campaign does not provide them with accurate or clear information?

According to the Brady Campaign, Washington state has some of the most lax gun control laws in the country. There is no license, permit, or registration required to buy or own a handgun, and background checks are not automatically required for gun sales.

Zamora surrendered to police Tuesday and is being held on $5 million bail. How much grief could have been spared had this rageful man been saved from himself?

The Boston Globe makes it sound as if you can walk into a gun shop in Washington and not have to go through a the background check.  Washington’s gun laws are not vastly different than most states.  From reading this, you’d almost believe that there was some kind of loophole.  There was no legal way for Zamora to get a gun in Washington, or anywhere in the United States.  He would have had to get it illegally.  So the solution to that is to pass more laws that crazy people won’t obey?  Murder is already about as illegal as you can get.

2 thoughts on “Boston Globe Mislead”

  1. You’re assuming that they want to present accurate or clear information. The preponderance (to say the least) of the evidence suggests they want to advance the Brady agenda. I go with the evidence.


  2. As a resident of Washington state, I can tell you what the Brady Bunch said is utter hog wash. I bought a rifle a few days ago and I can tell you they sure as hell did a background check on me. There’s also a waiting period for buying a handgun unless you have a CPL. Private sales between individuals still do not require a background check, even at gun shows. Perhaps this is what got them confused… I personally like the “lax” gun laws we have, I just wish they were “laxer.” We can’t own Full Automatics or put a suppressor on a gun. We can own one, we just can’t put it on a gun… It’s a gun law, it’s not supposed to make sense.

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