Is Bloomberg’s Head in the Sand?

Did you know that Michael Bloomberg stopped HR 822 from passing? It’s news to me.

A reporter asked him if Washington had made any recent progress in cracking down on illegal gun sales, giving the mayor an opening to talk about one of his marquee issues.

“This year, we, a lot of people, helped in keeping Congress from passing this Right to Carry bill, where every state would have to recognize the carry laws in other states,” the mayor responded. “And there are some states that have no laws, so it would essentially mean everybody could carry a gun anyplace no matter what state laws were, and Congress did not pass it.”

“I suppose that’s progress,” he said, sounding unconvinced.

Perhaps he sounds unconvinced because it’s still an active bill and will remain so until late next year. So, yeah, progress is that you’re still having to fight for another year on a bill that would have passed the Senate during the last session. Yay for progress!

5 thoughts on “Is Bloomberg’s Head in the Sand?”

  1. I’ll take it as a small victory that even Bloomberg calls it a right to carry bill.

  2. Who knows what he’s thinking.

    “If you think about it, this has nothing to do with the Second Amendment,” Bloomberg said.

    If he thinks that spending millions of dollars, and working overtime and outside his jurisdiction to make it harder for lawful Americans to keep and bear arms has nothing to do with the second amendment … well, we might not know all he’s thinking. But we do know that he’s not thinking correctly.

  3. “Did you know that Michael Bloomberg stopped HR 822 from passing? It’s news to me.”

    He also stopped global warming.

    Also his tears can cure cancer…sadly he never cries! :)

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