Feeling Sick

Reading the Philadelphia media is what makes me sick, not our states gun laws.  Jill Porter points out another tragedy in Philadelphia, tugs on our heart strings, and asks that we call our politicians to demand laws that won’t affect the kind of person who shot this young man.

Call Gov. Rendell, he said, (717-787-2500), who’s verbally endorsed proposed gun-reform legislation such as one-gun-a-month laws and requirements to report stolen guns but not pushed the bills. “It’s time for him to spend political capital on this issue,” Goldsmith said.

One-gun-a-month has not worked to reduce crime in any state it has passed.

Then call Attorney General Tom Corbett (717-787-3391), who’s made it easier for guns to come into the state by recognizing gun licenses from other states with even less restrictive laws, he said. Citizens need to become engaged and speak out on this issue, Goldsmith said.

And how many of those folks are shooting up street corners in Philadelphia?  Do criminals bother to get a license to carry?  Can they pass the background checks required to do so?  Get real.

“I firmly believe that if we galvanize people to do that, we can change the laws.”

If by “galvanize” you mean “lie to”, maybe you’re right.

5 Responses to “Feeling Sick”

  1. Weer'd Beard says:

    I just grabbed TWO on Sunday!

    Don’t know how much longer we’ll have in Mass to do this.

  2. Jadegold says:

    It’s rather telling your sympathy lies not with the victim but your ideology.

  3. BadIdeaGuy says:

    It’s more telling that the perpetrators are still not in custody. What claim do you have to know Sebastian’s sympathies?

    Someone somewhere knows the guy who did it. Yet nowhere is his or her conscience driving them to report it. Maybe since you’re omniscient and can tell where Sebastian’s sympathies lie, you can divine who the hell shot this kid?

    In the same way we have major sectors of the population who refuse to cooperate with police investigations of terrible crimes, we then expect that the same lawless sectors of the populace will suddenly stop straw purchasing if we go to one gun a month? Sure. If we ban civilian ownership, they’ll turn theirs in, right? Right.

    Oh, what’s that? Jadegold and the federal swat team will storm each house and find the tens of millions of “undocumented firearms”? If the federal govt can’t find tens of millions of undocumented PEOPLE, they surely can’t find tens of millions of firearms.

    Order a pizza next time you dial 911 and see which comes first.

    Sorry for feeding Jadetrolld, btw.

  4. Sebastian says:

    Don’t worry about it. If Jadegold think he’s a thorn in my side he’s mistaken. Actually, he’s the best thing that ever happened to my traffic stats :)

    Remember, all bloggers are traffic whores. We don’t care where the traffic comes from, as long as it comes. And if all the folks out there want to keep eyeballing my site to see what our friend Jade is up to, I’m only happy to oblige ;)

  5. Sebastian says:

    And Jade is presumptuous to assume where my sympathies lie. I don’t want to see innocent persons harmed by gunfire any more than anyone else does. I just don’t think restricting your behavior or mine is going to prevent tragedies like this.

    Both sides use the context of tragedies to frame the context of political debates, and I don’t think there’s really anything wrong with that. During the Virginia Tech deal, I didn’t criticize the Brady Campaign for talking about their political agenda in terms of the tragedy. I expect that they’ll do that. I criticized them for starting a new fund raising campaign in conjunction with it. I thought that was rather tasteless.