Tell a Lie Often Enough …

Daniel Vice, the Brady Center’s senior attorney, tells New Jerseyans:

But our country’s weak gun laws allow traffickers and killers to stockpile guns in states with weaker laws and smuggle them into our communities. In New Jersey, strong laws make it so much harder for criminals to get firearms that guns flood in from states with weak gun laws at a rate seven times higher than the number of crime guns trafficked out of the state.

That’s funny, because in the country I live in this practice is a felony. So I would like to understand how our “weak guns laws” are allowing criminals to “stockpile guns” in states with “weaker laws.” In all 50 states, it’s a felony for criminals to have a single gun or round of ammunition, let alone stockpile them. I’m afraid the weak laws they are speaking of are laws which allow them to be sold at all. One reason firearms are trafficked into New Jersey is that New Jersey only has a relatively small number of FFLs compared to most other states. There are few legal channels in the Garden State, so criminals do what the law abiding can’t, go out of state.

5 thoughts on “Tell a Lie Often Enough …”

  1. Does he mean “traffickers and killers” like the BATFE who stockpile guns in Mexico so they can get smuggled back into the US? Our strong California Gun Lawz are a bulwark against such perfidy!

  2. Jersey criminals do not have to go out of state to buy guns. There are still several million guns that otherwise law abiding Garden Staters dumped after it became apparent that the state’s draconian gun laws would be enforced. In addition, the same network that brings narcotics into the state also brings in guns stolen in other states.


  3. Wait,
    “guns flood in … at a rate seven times higher than the number of crime guns trafficked out ”
    Guns are being smuggled OUT?

    And what is a “crime gun?”

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