More on Para USA LDA 1911

SayUncle liked the Para LDA 1911 too.  In fact, all of the Glock guys did.  Joe reported there’s a way to get the gun locked up, to the point where you have to “reboot” (rack the slide).  I agree that this should be fixed by Para, either by removing the manual safety entirely (it’s superfulous on a DAO gun) or re-engineering the trigger to remove the bug.

Since I am not used to having to deal with manual safeties, as with SayUncle, I did not use it.  I did experience a failure where I ended up flicking the safety on while shooting, but that was because I wasn’t used to gripping a 1911.  Quick adjustment in my grip solved that problem.  I’ve found myself a few steel plate matches and an IPSC club in my area (sadly, it’s in New Jersey, which complicates things) and once I buy the gun I used from ParaUSA, I plan to start shooting competitively with it.

UPDATE: Ahab offers a pretty good review of the Para LTC 9mm 1911.  I might see if Kerby has any extras of those they are looking to get rid of too, and buy that for Bitter.