Law Abiding Gun Owner

Another law abiding gun owner and concealed carry permit holder has to go stopping an armed robber again:

In the first incident, the 14-year-old and two other suspects were trying to rob the ex-officer at gunpoint while he was delivering a pizza about 1:15 a.m. on Lesher Street near Bridge, police spokesman Lt. Frank Vanore said.

The boy pointed the gun at the former cop while his cohorts – also believed to be teenagers – attempted to go through the victim’s pockets, Vanore said.

But the deliveryman – whose name was withheld by police – was able to reach into a pocket and pull out a semiautomatic Glock, which he had a permit to carry, Vanore said.

Of course, now you have two more children added to the Brady Campaign list of kids killed by gunfire every year.  Seems to me the proper thing to be concerned about is that we have 14 year old kids robbing people at gunpoint in our city.

Just as an aside: pocket carrying a Glock?  I hope he used a pocket holster.  A Glock should not be pocked carried.  It needs to be in a holster.

4 thoughts on “Law Abiding Gun Owner”

  1. check the comments page…

    Sina – “Aren’t cops trained to shoot for non-vital areas?” Dunno, I didn’t think so, why do all the targets at the pistol range have silhouettes of a torso and a human head?

    Although it would be cool if cops were like Todd Jarrett or were crazy fast trick shooters…

    Sunshine in Philly – “OMG no way the cop could have pulled it out and turned off the safety, omg coverup!” – Hey Sunshine, the Glock has NO safety. Even so, the guy probably had the safety off, I’m sure some CCW people carry with safeties off…

    black ghost – “omg poor 14 year old kid, did any of you think why he robbed you?” If it was for money, there’s something called jobs out there. Here’s a hint, have your inner city kids take the jobs the illegal immigrants have.

  2. I could not find these comments on the page that Sebastian linked to the blog post he has above.

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