Freedom Group Acquires ParaUSA

So says NSSF. Press release here. Para Ordinance started out as a Canadian company, then moved to North Carolina and renamed themselves ParaUSA. A while back, Para took some of the gun bloggers to summer camp at Blackwater, and I reviewed their LDA trigger. While as a Glock shooter, I didn’t have too much trouble with the trigger that many 1911 shooters had, Joe Huffman found a failure mode with it that was unaccepable in a carry gun, so I’ve never carried it. I was able to replicate this failure mode on mine as well, though I never experienced it during live fire.

Para always seemed to be a company struggling to figure out what it wanted to be, and struggling to figure out ways to differentiate itself, and stand out in a crowded market. I’ve always thought they had the potential to be much better, and maybe the Freedom Group will be able to take them somewhere interesting. We’ll see.

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