A Stop by The ParaUSA Booth

Para has pretty much completed their move to North Carolina by this point, so I wanted to stop by, and talk to Kerby Smith, who arranged the whole thing with Todd Jarrett at Blackwater for us last year, and see which of their products they were excited about this year.  This year they are touting their PXT 1911 Gun Rights Edition:

Para PXT 1911 Gun Rights

The production version will come with an NRA inscription on the token on the grip instead of the standard token showing here, and they donate a portion of the sale to NRA-ILA.   They also make a high capacity version of this 1911:

Para PXT P14 Gun Rights

That’s Kerby holding the gun. He might have a career in hand modeling if he gets bored with this whole public relations thing. Finally, they are offering a plain government model 1911 called the GI Expert:

Para GI Expert

Para touts this as an entry level 1911.  This model is pretty much a vanilla 1911, without the Para Power Extractor, and with a GI guide rod.  Kerby offered to send me some of these guns to try out, and write about them, and I might take him up on it at some point.  I just have to figure out whether I know enough about 1911s to be able to say anything intelligent in regards to how it performs compared to other 1911s.

4 Responses to “A Stop by The ParaUSA Booth”

  1. SayUncle says:

    Those gun rights pistols are snazzy looking!

  2. JamesLee says:

    MMMMmmmm 1911s…. love ’em!

    Maybe this long weekend will be a good opportunity to get the Commander out to the range for a little recoil therapy.

  3. Fiftycal says:

    Gee, I would think how you “felt” after shooting the pistol would be the important thing. It is, Browning be praised, just a pistol. I “feel” my $400 Rock Island shoots about as good as my $1000 S&W.

  4. Robert says:

    The G.I. Expert is a great 1911A1 as it is, all I did to mine was change the grips to double diamonds and added an extended slide release.

    She shoots great and for just 5 bills I’m very pleased, Para did a good job!!!



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