What Should Scare Us

Four justices of the Supreme Court of the United States were completely willing to read out part of the Bill of Rights because they don’t like the result that comes from it.  We can seek comfort that we got a five vote majority, but it’s a little close for my comfort.  Come this fall, we must do absolutely everything humanly possible to ensure that Barack Obama is defeated, or watch future courts retreat from the Heller ruling faster than you can shake a stick.  While Justice Stevens and Ginsburg are likely retirees under an Obama administration, it can’t be ruled out that Justice Scalia, or Kennedy, who are both getting up there in age, won’t end up leaving the court, or dying.  We absolutely must not allow Obama to win, or that could undo all of this.

The gun control movement will not take Heller lying down.  They are not going to crawl off into a corner and die.  This changes the game we’re playing, but it doesn’t end it.

4 thoughts on “What Should Scare Us”

  1. I just put up a post saying exactly the same thing, then I read your post, and you said it far more eloquently than I.

    I worry about the ‘ I just won’t vote because McCain is to liberal’, the ‘I’m voting for candidate X on principle, even though he can’t win’, and the ‘I’m voting for Obama to teach the Republicans a lesson’ folks.

    …… Mr. C.

  2. The continuing 5/4 decisions by the Supreme Court is indeed scary. There are four Justices, and sometimes five, who have absolutely no regard for the Constitution and Constitutional law. As much as I do not like john McCain I feel I must vote for him as he is somewhat less dangerous than Obama. Two of the four justices today were appointed by “moderate” Republican Presidents, Ford and Bush the First.

    The time to hunt and punish RINOs is in the run up to and the primaries. Find and support Conservatives who hold your views. We were able to knock off a RINO in Michigan and get Mark Walberg nominated and then win the General election. This IS a fight we never win. The Fascist, the tyrant, the elitist are always after us. And we must always fight them.

    I just heard Mayor Daly of Chicago whine about the SCOTUS ruling today. He is Fascist, Tyrant and Elitist all wrapped in one corrupt package. Just how crime free is Chicago?

  3. “Four justices of the Supreme Court of the United States were completely willing to read out part of the Bill of Rights because they don’t like the result that comes from it.”

    Well, not exactly – PLEASE note the 5-4 split was about how far SCOTUS should BUT THERE WAS NO SPLIT about individual vs government-only “right.” On that, the Justices wrote, 9-0, that the 2nd affirmed an individual right and was meant to restrain gun-grabbers.

  4. While I agree that Obama must be defeated for other reasons, I think is it fatuous to suggest that McCain, who said that Alito was “too conservative”, would appoint judges that would look favorably on both Heller and McCain-Fiengold. Just not going to happen.

    McCain showed us just how pro-gun he was after he lost the 2000 presidential primary (not very, see http://gunowners.org/mccaintb.htm%5D). Unlike G. W. Bush I may believe him when he says he wouldn’t sign a new AW ban—unlikely to be an issue given how the Dems in Congress prefer job security over this issue—but I expect nothing helpful from him or the Republicans in the next four years on the RKBA.

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