Are Virginians Still Southerners?

Bitter talks about a rousing endorsement Virginia State Senator Devolites-Davis has gotten from Mayor Bloomberg. She’s running full steam anti-gun in Northern Virginia, which apparently has warmed the mayor to endorse the fellow RINO:

The key issue is guns, where Ms. Devolites Davis has broken with her party to support increased background checks for gun owners, and the National Rifle Association has even endorsed her Democratic opponent, J. Chapman Petersen. …

Ms. Devolites Davis’s campaign said she has supported efforts to keep criminals from buying weapons at gun shows and has backed allowing local governments to ban firearms on school property. Most importantly for Mr. Bloomberg, however, would be her vote against a bill in the Virginia legislature outlawing the sting operations that New York City conducted against gun shops that engaged in illegal straw purchases. …

I hope Petersen creams her in the election. There was a time when the endorsement of the Mayor of New York City would be the kiss of death in a southern election. Let’s hope that’s still the case.

UPDATE: David has more, including the fact that Davis’ daughter was convicted of armed robbery.

UPDATE: Jacob has video.

UPDATE: Countertop is planning on helping out Petersen’s campaign.

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  1. “Are Virginians still Southerners?”

    With the increasing urbanization of all walks of American society, that distinction is meaning less and less as time goes on. I was raised in the farmland of central Indiana and I’m more “southern” philosophically speaking than many Virginians.

    With that said, Virginia does still enjoy a pretty “southern” atmosphere generally. Notable exceptions are certain parts of the Hampton Roads area, Richmond and Northern Virginia.

    For the most part, Northern Virginians are not southern by birth or attitude. Most of them are transplants from Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts etc who moved to Virginia to escape the oppressive taxes, high crime rates and urban blight of their areas of origin. Then they merrily set to bringing the enlightened policies of the places they recently escaped to the backward people of Virginia and, in the process, attempt to turn Virginia into a clone of the area they left…never once connecting the dots and realizing that they are actively attempting to turn their adopted home into a clone of that which they were fleeing when they moved here.

    It defies logic. Of course, logic has never been the strong suit of statists.

    When you run across a leftist/statist/anti-individualistic Virginia elected official, you can rest assured that they represent Norfolk, Hampton, Newport News, Richmond and its suburbs or one of the Northern Virginia suburbs of DC (which, by the way, extends pretty much to Fredericksburg these days).

  2. Isn’t it telling that Devolites-Davis’s daughter was sentenced to prison for armed robbery. Here is what I have said about that and her stance against gunowners.

    “Her daughter is a good example of expected results for children of hoplophobes. She wasn’t taught about the duty of responsibility, especially when armed. So she acted in a manner just exactly in accordance with her parents’ expectations and false prophesy.

    But, it’s the gun’s fault. Because otherwise the parents must accept the blame for teaching their child that what she did could be excused as the power of an inanimate object took over her mind and character. Just as her parents predicted.

    In her mind she was acting in concert with her parents’ belief system, just as any child may be expected to do. But, of course, it’s not her fault the gun made her do it. The belief system she was raised by cannot be faulted because it’s “for the children”. Just ask the Devolites-Davises.

    I don’t think anyone needs such failures as representatives. And especially not as leaders. Look where their leadership got their daughter.”

    David at War on Guns has a posting on this, also.

  3. Curt nailed it and that’s exactly why our General Assembly made preemption laws that prevent local and city politicians from making their own rules and turning the Commonwealth into a crazy quilt of gun regulations. It’s exactly why we don’t need people like Devolites-Davis controling a seat in Richmond. It amazes me when residents of Northern Virginia call for gun control. All they have to do is look across the river to see the absurdity of thinking it will reduce crime.

    Here’s a link to CNN’s report on the lame endorsing the blind yesterday.

    Also, here is the VCDL’s report of the impromptu protest they arranged on 2-1/2 hours notice of learning about Bloombutt’s visit.

  4. My bad, wrong link for the protest. It appeaers it is not on line at their site. Here is the text we received last night:

    With very, very little notice in the middle of the work day, we still turned out NINE people to protest Michael Bloomber/Devolites-Davis this afternoon. VCDL VP Jim Snyder and EMs Mike Stollenwerk and Dave Yates were there.

    It would seem that there were as many protesters as there were news media types. Media interest in the endorsement seemed tepid at best and I expect that endorsement will backfire on Senator Devolites-Davis. She looks very desperate to run out of state to find someone that likes her, while at least one police organization is probably going to drop her endorsement.

    The event was supposed to be kept secret, but we got the details in short order. Our protesters stayed out on the sidewalk.

    Bloomberg arrived thirty minutes late and when he left, his entourage went the wrong way down a one-way road to avoid going by the VCDL members! ;-)

    That was reminiscent of last January in DC when he moved an entire conference at the last minute to avoid being anywhere near a VCDL protest of his actions!

    Senator Devolites-Davis probably didn’t want us at her press conference as well because we stole the show when she held one on her so called “gun show loophole” bill in January.

    Our members were interviewed and I expect that some of their comments will be in the media tomorrow.

  5. Most of them are transplants from Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts etc who moved to Virginia to escape the oppressive taxes, high crime rates and urban blight of their areas of origin.

    As a kid from Jersey, who my very Southern (South Georgia) in laws call an “honorary southerner” (cause I eat my grits right – its all about the attitude and “ya ain’t got one of them Yankee ass attitudes”), I’ve got to disagree.

    I moved to NoVA because of DC and because thats where my wife lived. Most of the other folks who moved here over the last ten years came not because they wanted to escape Jersey or Taxachussets or New York, but because of the explosion that was happening in the area and post dot.bomb because the military presence helped the local tech economy weather that storm.

    Hence, dirtcrashers comment that its tough to tell the difference between NoVA and Palo Alto sometimes. Of course, the Clinton’s making it Hollywood on the Potomac didn’t help matters much.

  6. I thought being Southern was part of the problem…

    Okay, okay, I’m joking, but people have to be careful of what words they use. Mayor Bloomberg is a doofus no matter from where he hails.

    The difference between the South and the North is that the North urbanized much faster.

    Anyway, I think more non-gun owners are moving to NoVa.

  7. “I thought being Southern was part of the problem…”

    Only if you forgot the word Carpetbagger.

  8. Update – the anti-gun Devolites-Davis lost by 5000 votes.

    Figure she turned 2500 gunowners to Petersen = 5000 vote margin

    Good Riddance!

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