She’s Outta There!

Gun owners in Northern Virginia rejoice.  It would appear that Democrat Chap Petersen has creamed Jeanmarie Devolites Davis.   Also, Ken Cuccinelli appears to have eeked out a win.

For the rest of us, it’s a nice middle finger to Bloomberg.  So Jeanmarie, who’s endorsement do you think was worth more?  Bloomy’s or NRA and VCDL?  Chap Petersen would do well to remember who helped him get elected, and other squishy Republicans like Rudy Guiliani and Mitt Romney would do well to remember gun owners get particularly annoyed with Republicans who double cross them.

4 thoughts on “She’s Outta There!”

  1. Indeed a very satisfying victory for our NOVA neighbors.

    In my district, the incumbent State Senator Frank Ruff retained his seat. The Democrat who went against him ran a rather vigorous campaign. We were getting a glossy flyer every few days heralding the merits of Connie Brennan.

    Ruff laid low, didn’t hear hardly a thing. On Monday evening I got home from work and there was a flyer in my mailbox. At first I thought it was a Marlboro ad. It was a picture taken looking up at a silhouetted hunter aiming his shotgun at (presumably) some geese or something off behind me and to the right. I flipped it over and it said something to the effect of “I’m Frank Ruff and I will defend your Second Amendment Rights.”

    I told my 12 year old who is studying the local election at school, “This is brilliant! He just got every gunny’s vote in the district.” Unfortunately it got thrown away or I would have scanned it. Mr. Ruff’s history does show him to be a strong proponent for Second Amendment rights, BTW.

    The Democrats now hold a slim majority in the Senate. It remains to be seen how that will affect gun legislation. Some Virginia Democrats have been seen holding very conservative views on packing regulations.

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