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Some cable news coverage of our Sasquatch controversey on MS-NBC.  Keith Olbermann starts off, quite properly, making fun of this case, and stating the PGC’s position on the issue, but then presents a completely one sided interview which holds open the possibility there’s something behind this.


The Pennsylvania Game Commission’s statement on this: “There is no question it is a bear with a severe case of mange” should have been the last word on this.  But I guess a good bigfoot story was too juicy to pass up for the main stream media.  I’ll take the word of PGC biologists over Bob Kiviat or Keith Olberman any day of the week.

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  1. Ugh. Just tranquilize the poor bastard, give him a big fat dose of some antibiotic or whatever treats mange, and be done with it. :)

  2. Wait, how is this George Bush’s fault?
    Nevermind, I’ll just go check DailyKos…

  3. How could you say such a thing! KO spent all of 30 minutes thinking about this subject and discussing it with the girl he sent to fetch his lunch, so he’s obviously more qualified and knowledgeable than those partisan hacks at the PGC. I mean, they condone hundreds of thousands of murders every year! They’re lying just to keep up the tourism industry in Elk County!

    Or something.

  4. It global warming’s fault. The bear is just shedding his coat to cool off.

  5. The Bigfoot Alien Bear Axis is well known. They sometimes also interact with the Illuminati Free Mason Conspiracy.

  6. I don’t think it is a sasquatch. But I am confident they do exist. I know I run the risk of being thought of as an absolute crazy but before you do hear me out.

    I worked as an RCMP officer in British Columbia from 1973-1978. On July 17, 1976 we had a very terrible incident that I still can’t explain. About 10:30PM we had a group of teenagers (between the ages of 16-18) arrived at our stationhouse. They claimed that they were attacked by something in the forest. One of their group was left behind at their camping site he was hurt, but could not be moved. They claimed that they were attacked by something wild in the area. We assumed it might be a bear or a mountain lion. They assured us it was not. We notified the local park rangers and met them on the scene about an hour or so later. When we arrived at the campsite everything was in disarray. We were never able to locate the missing teen or any indication of a bear of Lion. But we did find later footprints around the camp. (And no it was nothing like these silly oversized “human” looking footprints that everyone tries to call the bigfoot.) They were genuine wild animal tracks although we don’t know what it was to this day. We had a zoologist measure the tracks and it was concluded that movement patterns were not fabricated.

    Assuming it to be a prank of sorts we questioned the teens further through the next few days. I have always felt that they were telling the truth. Their descriptions did not in anyway represent a bear or any other wild creature that I have seen in my years in that area.

    Several days later one of the rangers I had initally journeyed to the campsite with, claimed to have had a sighting that matched the description the teens gave. Which was very odd considering he was not present for any of the questioning and would not have had access to that information.

    There have been many sightings of such a creature in our area over the years. I believe something exists although I really don’t know what it is.

    The incident is currently in RCMP records and is filed as an unsolved crime, July 17, 1976. We never recovered the body of the young man and no charges were pressed.

  7. I’m not much of a believer in Sasquatch, but the world would definitely be a less interesting place without stories such as yours. Thanks for sharing it.

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