Electoral Roundup

Uncle taunts the Brady Campaign with some electoral facts. Brady is boasting bout 19 out out of 21 candidates in the Virginia House of Delegates winning. It’s easy to increase your electoral success rate if you never take any chances. What they don’t say is that NRA endorsed candidates in The Virginia House won 57 out of 62 seats and in the Senate won 23 out of 27 seats, including the upset of Devolites Davis, and a hearty “screw you” to Bloomberg.

Let’s see… that puts NRA’s winning percentage at 90% in Virgina. Tell me who’s victory this was again? In both raw numbers and in percentage, it looks to me like NRA came out ahead.

I have to hand it to Peter Hamm, he’s good at making an electoral defeat look like a victory.

5 thoughts on “Electoral Roundup”

  1. I went through the NRA endorsed candidates in NJ.

    In the State Senate, 8 wins and 3 losses (1 incumbent, 2 challengers). The 8 wins included 7 Republicans and 1 Democrat. In total, there are 40 Senators.

    In the State Assembly, 17 wins and 2 losses (both challengers). The 17 wins included 16 Republicans and 1 Democrat. In total, there are 80 Assemblymen.

    Not bad for NJ.

  2. There’s a story the Russians like to tell aboit the old Communist Party newspaper, Pravda.

    It seems that President Kennedy and Premier Khruschev were in a foot race; just the two of them. Kennedy won. The next day, Pravda reported the story like this: “Our beloved comrade Nikita Khruschev finished in second place, while the best the American President could do was next-to-last.”

  3. One other thing. The winning NRA endorsed Democrat in the Senate (Stephen Sweeney) was just elected Senate Majority Leader. That’s probably good news for our side.

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