If Only those Redneck Virginia Politicians Would Listen to Us…

The New York Times laments that Virginia’s leading candidates are generally pro-gun. Clearly, it is the NYT’s role to intervene in the Virginia elections and tell politicians that they need to listen to biased polls and the NYC mayor.

The loophole is no laughing matter, although the National Rifle Association is using a fictitious Soprano-like “Noo Yawker” to bolster Bob McDonnell, the Republican candidate for governor who favors leaving the loophole unchanged. “Fuhgeddaboud your freedoms” if Mr. McDonnell is not elected, the faux Mafioso warns Virginians in a TV ad. It’s payback for Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s recent stings documenting how Virginian dealers are a major conduit for crime guns in New York City.

Clearly, the NRA members in Virginia don’t care about their communities, otherwise they wouldn’t be running ads making fun of New Yorkers. However, the elite of New York City can clearly be counted on to know and understand the Virginia communities and respect the rights of Virginia residents – just like the rights of their own neighbors are respected!

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