1895 Nagant

Well, the new revolver arrived, so I cleaned it up for it to get it’s picture taken:

Cleaned up pretty nice. I cleaned the thick greasy oil out of it and replaced it with some nice Friction Defense Gun Oil, from Brownell’s, and now the cylinder rotates into place and pushes forward rather nicely.

The downside to the Nagant revolver is the price of the ammo. Bitter asked “What’s so unusual about it?”, and my response was “Have you ever seen an uncircumcised penis?” Either way, 40-50 cents a trigger pull is steep, but someone said the other day there’s a way to reload for it. It’s also a pretty weak cartridge, only generating 157 ft-lbs of muzzle energy. No wonder Rasputin lived:

Determined to finish the job, Yusupov became anxious about the possibility that Rasputin might live until the morning, which would leave the conspirators with no time to conceal his body. Yusupov ran upstairs to consult the others and then came back down to shoot Rasputin through the back with a revolver. Rasputin fell, and the company left the palace for a while. Yusupov, who had left without a coat, decided to return to grab one, and, while at the palace, he went to check up on the body. Suddenly, Rasputin opened his eyes, grabbed Yusupov by the throat and strangled him. As he made his bid for freedom, however, the other conspirators arrived and fired at him. After being hit three times in the back, Rasputin fell once more. As they neared his body, the party found that, remarkably, he was still alive, struggling to get up. They clubbed him into submission and, after wrapping his body in a sheet, threw him into an icy river, and he finally met his end there

The trigger pull is brutal too. It’s almost a two stage like trigger. Take up the slack and it rotates the cylinder, but then it takes a quite a pull to push the cylinder into the barrel and drop the hammer.

We’ll have to see how it shoots once I get some ammo, but I got it mostly just to have one.

23 Responses to “1895 Nagant”

  1. Alcibiades McZombie says:

    “Have you ever seen an uncircumcised penis?”


    ……I don’t know quite how to respond to that.

    …So, here are a few possible replies:
    “Did she say ‘yes’?”
    “I hope you don’t ask that question in polite company.”
    “What would you have done if she said ‘no’?”

  2. Sebastian says:

    Hey, it was the best way I could think of to describe how the bullet was seated in the cartridge :)

  3. TD says:

    The trigger pull is brutal too.

    Hey, I TOLD you to start lifting weights with your trigger finger!

  4. kent says:

    You can safetly shoot 32 s&w longs in this pistol.check out gunboards.con nagant forum.

  5. Ahab says:

    Also, just fire the thing single action. Pulling the hammer back gets rid of a lot of the creep in the trigger, because it takes care of camming the cylinder forward and locking it into place.

    And yeah, you can fire the .32 S&W long ammo, but you might get some bulged cases and rough extraction, but you’re not going to hurt your heater.

  6. Rob says:

    Very Cool!

  7. Sebastian says:

    Hey, I TOLD you to start lifting weights with your trigger finger!

    You weren’t kidding. I think I could hang my bowling ball off that trigger and it still wouldn’t break.

  8. triticale says:

    I seem to recall having seen conversion cylinders actually chambered for the .32 S&W to fit the Nagent. Less trouble just to use the wee wifey’s .32 Rossi.

  9. tigger says:

    “I cleaned the thick greasy oil out of it and replaced it with some nice Friction Defense Gun Oil, from Brownell’s,”

    Holy product placement, Batman! ;)

  10. Sebastian says:

    Holy product placement, Batman! ;)

    It was part of the goodies that Brownell’s brought to the GBR and gave us for free. I figured the least I could do was help plug it. It is decent stuff. Brownell’s isn’t paying me to blog about it, short of the cost of the free gun oil :)

  11. anon says:

    Trigger pull wasn’t particularly important since they were mostly fired when pressed up against the back of peoples’ heads; by the millions unfortunately.

    Leftist governments are like that…

  12. Sebastian says:

    No kidding. I was cocking the hammer last night thinking “That’s a sound that, for more than a few people, was the last sound they’d ever hear.”

  13. Richard H says:

    The replacement cylinder someone mentioned was for .32 ACP, not .32 S&W. I have one, and both power and accuracy suffer. I reload .32-20 resized cases with lead bullets and get decent accuracy from both my Nagants

  14. jerry says:

    i’m kind of new to this c&r stuff … in fact, still waiting on the mail, the charge has shown up on my credit card, so i assume i’m only in a waiting pattern … how much, where did you buy and how much do they charge for the 1 day shipping?

  15. jerry says:

    i just thought of another question … they have these on some sites available in different years/decades … which did you choose and why?

  16. Sebastian says:

    I got it from J&G Sales. They charged about 26 bucks for the shipping. This is a 1944 model. I chose that because it’s what was available and cheap.

  17. Alcibiades McZombie says:

    According the Century Arm’s website, they carry those .32 ACP cylinders for $70.

  18. DirtCrashr says:

    I’ve thought of getting a Swedish Nagant just because my mom absolutely adores the Land of our Ancestors, but hates guns – just to flummox her – but the Husqvarna’s are a LOT more expensive… Poor lady.

  19. straightarrow says:

    The Russians were small arms geniuses, or is that genii? Anyway, they can’t all be winners, but I still want one.

  20. confused says:

    Overall , i have read a lot about this gun and am not sure about buying one should i or shouldnt i ?

  21. Sebastian says:

    It’s an interesting gun, but if you want something you can shoot regularly, it’s not the gun for you. The ammo is just too expensive.

  22. confused says:

    I’m actually not old enough yet to purchase handguns, my dad would have to for me , but i figure it’s pretty easy to get .32 caliber blanks , because my friends and i want to film a movie set in the early 1900’s , and these are cheap . thanks for the quick response , and please leave visit my website . PLEASE VISIT MY WEBSITE AND SIGHN THE GEUSTBOOK!!!!!!

  23. Sebastian says:

    Be very careful with blanks… they can severely injure or kill under the wrong circumstances. Also be very careful not to mix up blanks and live ammo. Safe gun handling rules still apply.