Nagant 1895 Double Action Problems

Last night I decided to completely disassemble my Nagant 1895 to troubleshoot a problem with the double action trigger.  When I would squeeze the trigger, the cylinder would rotate, but the hammer wouldn’t cock.  Worked fine in single action mode.  M1895 HammerUpon taking it apart, I discovered that at some point, someone had apparently whacked the trigger with a punch in order to push some metal up so the double action fly on the hammer would catch more properly.  I believe this was done to make up for a weak double action fly spring, which was allowing the fly to push in too readily, rather than catching on the trigger.   I took out the fly screw, and stretched out the fly spring, and bingo, it started working again.  I may have to order a new fly spring if it happens again.  There is actually a place you can buy Nagant parts (and from whom I shamlessly ‘borrowed’ the above image).  I decided to write this up, because I couldn’t find much information on Nagant troubleshooting, I’m guessing because most people faced with a broken 1895 Nagant revolver just ceremoniously bury it in the back yard, then scrounge the sofa for the money to buy another one.  But to me, the death of any gun is a tragedy, so I will commit myself to making sure this one stays in working order.

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  1. has a fair writeup on these intriquing pistols as well – I wound up getting two (from each of the two USSR arsenals that made them) and worked up a reload (Lee dies, .32-20 brass, and bullets from a place in CA) that matches factory load ballistics

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