Huckabee on the Second

About 4 minutes and thirty seconds into the video, until about 7 minutes.  Mike Huckabee talks about his views on the second amendment:


A sharp contrast from Hillary’s “I support the second amendment” nonsense.  Hell, a sharp contrast to Bush if you ask me.

3 thoughts on “Huckabee on the Second”

  1. I think I like this guy. Will have to see a little further down the road if he’s worthy of my vote.

  2. Notice that he never really answered the question about what he’d do if the government came to take his guns. I suppose saying “I’d kill the thugs” wouldn’t be all that presidential, but at the same time he didn’t say “I’d turn them in and fight in the courts” or some other non-confrontational approach.

  3. He would fight. But you are right, he can’t say that to American pussies and expect their vote.

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