I’m a Dummy

Blogging this weekend may be a little lighter than the usual weekend light blogging.   I drove down to Northern Virginia last night and realized I forgot to bring the charger for my laptop.  Oops.  I have my back lighting turned way down, and have two hours left on the meter.

So I’m faced with either having to conserve battery power, or run over to the Apple Store in Tyson’s Corner and getting another charger to leave here, so I don’t have to remember to wrap up the one I use at work.

3 thoughts on “I’m a Dummy”

  1. Honestly, you should have aocuple aroud anyway, for just in case moments and for convenience. I keep two spare power supplies for my laptops.

    Thankfully all three of my laptops take the same power supply.

  2. Just buy your girlfriend a MacBook with the same charger, then you won’t have to worry at all!

  3. If you had eleven chargers you still wouldn’t have a football team. Apropos of nothing at all

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