Back and Charging

I’m back in Pennsylvania, and back to the charger for my laptop.  Did some wobble trap and skeet this morning with Countertop over at Bull Run.  I still suck at skeet.  I haven’t quite gotten the hang of where I need to lead the bird in order to hit it.  It’s certainly much farther ahead than you have to do with trap.  I was surprised by how far ahead I was leading when I was actually hitting the bird.

6 thoughts on “Back and Charging”

  1. You know, I have never shoot skeet, trap, or any of the clay bird games.

    I really ought to get around to that.

  2. Turns out, not only was the skeet range busy, but our rifle range was closed for repairs.

    Next time your down, we can head over to Izaak Walton.

    Ahab, if you want, I can see about hauling a shotgun out to Indiana and we can go shoot skeet.

  3. I was out at Bull Run with a group two weeks ago, doing wobble. I’m atrocious at it, but I got 9 people who’d never shot before, ever, to go out and have a fun time shooting, so I consider it a success.

  4. I absolutely suck at all clay shooting.

    With target rifles/handguns I can see where my shots went and make corrections. I can’t see the shot patterns in the air….

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