Steve Jobs Resigns

I’m guessing his battle with cancer is not going well. He’ll stay on as Chairman of the Board, and as an Apple employee, but he’s naming Tim Cook as his successor as CEO. I’m glad I didn’t just buy Apple stock. Apple did not do very well with Jobs out of the picture. Those of us that were Apple aficionados back then know what a roller coaster it was during the days of Scully, Spindler, and Amelio. My concern about Tim Cook is that his track record is that of an operations guy, not as a visionary. Hopefully the company is positioned well to survive without Jobs at the helm, but most successful CEOs with narcissistic streaks a mile wide are usually too into the cult of themselves to work too hard on a good succession plan. I guess we’ll see.

9 thoughts on “Steve Jobs Resigns”

  1. Cook has pretty much been running Apple for the last year. I would hold no fear over continuing Apple operations.

    The post of Design Czar, which Steve was, would be pretty open. Ive and others do good industrial design, so we shall see.

  2. The last time I saw a video of him on a stage he looked like someone dying of cancer. Far too thin.

    At least they are unlikely to bring back Pepsi Man.

  3. I agree with everything Andy just said. Jobs has Cook’s business acumen with Ives’ design chops, and combine that with the Reality Distortion Field and the SteveNote, he was a formidable leader for Apple. The trick will be sorting out all those skills into many people instead of just one.

  4. In defense of Scully. He took it from a 600 million dollar company to a 6 billion dollar company.

  5. Tone of voice is hard to do over the Internet.

    There is no snark, no sarcasm, no negativity implied by the following words. None at all.

    But when a guy like Jobs gives up his position of command and control, it’s only at the very end.

    I won’t be surprised one bit if Mr. Jobs passes away within a month of today.

    It’s sad and awful, but I think he will be gone within a month, based on his resignation today.

  6. SidViscous, your comment is fantastic, even if comments #5 and #6 make it a bit tasteless. I really appreciated it!

    I am very anti-Apple myself, but I have a lot of respect for Steve Jobs, and what he did for computing. The technical world will be worse off now that he’s quitting.

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