I Hope This Was a Misstatement

I hope the reporter on this article got this bit wrong:

Giuliani, who is banking a large part of his campaign on public safety as well as defense of the Second Amendment, told the audience that he would protect the right to bear arms in the way he did as a former federal prosecutor in the Reagan administration and as mayor of New York.

“I’ll work to make sure that if somebody commits a crime, they go to prison. If somebody commits a crime with a gun, they’ll go to prison for even more time and for mandatory sentences. No plea bargains, no exceptions; you go to jail. That’s the way to reduce crime,” Giuliani said. “We need to have zero tolerance for crime committed with a gun. After all, it’s people that commit crimes, not guns.”

Emphasis mine.  If there’s anything Rudy did as Mayor of New York City, protecting the right to keep and bear arms was not among them.  In fact, I’m pretty sure Rudy actively pissed on it every chance he got as mayor.  A fact that I hope he’s not thinking we’ll just overlook.

2 Responses to “I Hope This Was a Misstatement”

  1. alex. says:

    Rudy probably thinks that owning a gun is a crime, so the quotes above make perfect sense. ” Vote for Rudy! He’ll lock your gun-owning ass up!” No thanks.

  2. “A fact that I hope he’s not thinking we’ll just overlook.”
    Judging from the fact that he’s still spouting this crap, I’m betting he is thinking we’ll overlook it at some point. And that’s something I for one find quite insulting. He must think gun owners are just stupid.