Weekend Blogging

I might be blogging a bit more this weekend than normal.   Bitter is spending some quality time with Bitchy Mom, so we’re not together this weekend.   It marks the first weekend since Jan 21st that we haven’t spent together.

I think celebrating mother’s day a week late is probably a good idea.  You can actually go out to eat without having to deal with the masses.  Last weekend we just wanted some breakfast, and I ended up having to pay twenty dollars for a twelve dollar buffet.

3 thoughts on “Weekend Blogging”

  1. I really appreciate the fact that I am getting to spend the day with Bitter. However, I feel partly guilty because I know she misses you. We have had a great time today and are going out to eat tonight. And hopefully next time I come up here, you can come, too as I’d like to see you again as well.

  2. Don’t feel bad. I have comforted myself by buying a new gun, that Bitter will get to shoot. I’ve joked with her that every weekend I don’t get to see her, I’ll buy a gun. She’ll have to find out whether I’m actually joking :)

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