Weekend Posting

Sorry for the light posting this weekend.  Bitter and I were busy making preperation for Louisville.  I spent most of the weekend running through and refining my presentation for the “In Their Own Words” special session to be held on Saturday May 17th at 2PM.  My presentation will be an introduction to blogging and gun blogging, and how it applies to second amendment activism.  We leave for Louisville on Wednesday, so things will be busy until then.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Posting”

  1. Hey, Be sure to mention The Gun Blogs that Uncle hosts. If someone occasionally has something important to say but doesn’t want to commit themselves to a daily posting regimen, they can always establish an account on Uncle’s site and post whenever the mood strikes them.

    That’s how Rustmiester got started and now he’s one of my favorites.

    Uncle just renewed the domain name and was lamenting the fact that it didn’t generate the interest he had hoped. Maybe a mention at a national venue could spark some renewed interest.

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