Another Anti-Gun Blog

This blogger loves her daughter more than my gun. I’m just wondering what my guns ever did to her daughter. I keep them locked up at night. Maybe they are sneaking out. You’ll notice that much like other anti-gun blogs, this one also closes comments in order to promote reasonable dialog.

Hat tip to Thirdpower, who should get a blog :)

UPDATE: Sharp as a Marble has more.

4 thoughts on “Another Anti-Gun Blog”

  1. It will get tossed out,if not at the state level cerntainaly at the federal level. Because the Nation of Islam suing the NRA for gun violence is like a Twin Tower survior suing the Nation of Islam for Islamic terrorism. There’s not any connection what so ever,although I do wonder sometimes about the Nation of Islam.

  2. Sebastian, check out my blog today. This guy talks outside of both sides of his ass. He’s supposedly some “super father” who cares so much for his kid that he’d rather put his moral superiority over her life & wellbeing.

    I care more for my children as I’m willing to do whatever it takes to protect them. Even if it means using guns.

  3. His blogs should just be titled “I hate”. This guy has a lot of repressed anger in him. Reading through the various posts, he hates religion in general but REALLY hates the catholic church, hates gays, most forms of music, anyone he considers to be lesser parents than he, gun owners, republicans, most sociologists (even though he is one), Islam, etc. And that’s just on the first pages.

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