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We want sensible gun laws.  You don’t hunt with M-16s. You blow holes in tanks with those weapons. They were built just to kill people. – Jesse Jackson

You’d have a hard time blowing a hole through much of anything with an M-16, much less a tank.  Besides, M-16s are already heavily restricted, and my AR-15, which is not an M-16 but looks like one, hasn’t killed anything.   Damned thing must be defective!  Jackson is a world class horses ass; always has been as long as I’ve been alive and able to pay attention.   This it just the latest proof.

3 thoughts on “Quote of the Day”

  1. Wait. You can blow a hole in a tank with an M-16? Thank you Rev. Jackson! I had no idea. And to think, I thought that I was qualified “Expert” on that rifle…

  2. Interest research project comes to mind:

    Percentage of NRA members with criminal records
    Percentage of RainbowPUSH Coalition members with criminal records

    any bets on the outcome?

  3. The problem I see is this: if that bozo has his way, membership in (hell, affiliation with) the NRA will be a criminal offense. Mugging, rape, robbery, domestic violence, et.al., will continue to be “lamentable results oppression and racism.”

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