In the Name of Reasoned Discourse

Thirdpower gets his comment deleted over at Bryan’s blog because it was an attack on a CeaseFire PA board member that he says isn’t germane to his post.

Well, folks, it’s Bryan’s sandbox, so you play by his rules. But I note it’s always the anti-gunners that like to delete comments. I won’t generally do that here, except for threats or truly vile statements. I can count on one hand the number of comments I’ve deleted. You’ll note I didn’t delete any of Jadegold’s musings, even when he attacked NRA leaders like Harlan Carter or Jeff Cooper. Anyone is free to disagree with me, or make outlandish accusations, but on blogs, we ferret out the truth. The anti-gunners ferret out the comments because the truth isn’t, and has never been on their side.

2 thoughts on “In the Name of Reasoned Discourse”

  1. The second deletion wasn’t even an ‘attack’.

    It was a direct link to ATR’s blog post about the very subject Bryan was talking about. Then Bryan denies any affiliation w/ him.

    The truth hurts.

  2. As for attacking Jeff Cooper, it must be a great relief to his detractors that he has died. He was capable of meeting any threat physical or verbal to the detriment of the attacker. Now he is a safe target.

    Don’t you just admire those brave souls who now engage him? Colonel Cooper left behind enough writings on enough subjects that even from the grave he could beat them. That is one graveyard they had better step around carefully.

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