Why We Circle the Wagons

This article on Gazette.net is a great example of why there can’t be any reasonable dialog with anti-gun people:

‘‘We want to open the dialogue,” Lucas said. ‘‘It seems that no one wants to talk about this. I’d like to see action by our legislators that really reflect the will of the people.”

Sevier insisted the demonstration was not an anti-gun rally and that it included people of all political stripes. However, she said she personally would like to see new laws requiring background checks for people who want to buy handguns and a ban on semi-automatic weapons.

‘‘We are not anti-gun,” she said. ‘‘We just want there to be reasonable regulations on who can have a gun in this country.”

No, we’re not anti-gun at all. You’re all just paranoid! If this woman gets her way, my collection will be exactly four guns, and ironically, the four they won’t get are my two most powerful rifles, my shotgun, and the most powerful pistol I own.

They at least admit to not being experts on guns control, and clearly they know nothing about our guns laws or guns themselves, so the real question is why anyone would pay any attention to what they have to say?

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