5 thoughts on “Military Training”

  1. Holy piss me off Batman my blood is boiling. Guess they never heard of Sgt Alvin York or Gunnery Sgt. Carlos Hathcock. Two of the finest marksmen that ever lived.

  2. And note that in the original article we have this prize:
    Pointing out that officials say many of these bullets have been used for training purposes, he said: “What are you training for? To kill insurgents.”

    So ammo use in training is the same as those actually used in combat. At least in ‘Lifestyles of the Ignorant and Bigoted’.

  3. If I remember correctly, we’ve been using 250,000 rounds per enemy since Vietnam. It was 40,000 per enemy in World War II, but we lost more men in WWII.

    (I don’t know if these numbers include rounds expended during training.)

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