Common Pistols

The deranged killer at Virginia Tech, it turns out, had a Glock 9mm, no mention on whether it was the Model 17 or 19, but the 19 is a bit more common on the civilian market. I shoot and carry a Glock 19. The other was a Walther P22, which Ahab carries.

No doubt the media will be parroting VPC and Brady material touting these weapons as high powered killing machines, too dangerous to be used safely by ordinary schlobs like myself and Ahab. But really, the Glock 19 and 17 are probably the most ubiquitous police pistol around, and they are damned popular on the civilian market too. They aren’t particularly powerful or lethal, no pistol is. And the P22? Please. It’s a common target pistol.

UPDATE: Check out  Ahab’s coverage on the P22 and it’s capabilities at his blog, What Would John Wayne Do?

2 thoughts on “Common Pistols”

  1. If anyone has any questions about the Walther that I didn’t address in this blog entry, please ask in the comments section. I’d be happy to clear up and misconceptions, questions, etc.

    I’ve been meaning to buy the 5 inch version for a while now…I guess I should probably get on that quick.

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