Civilian KRISS?

Check this out:

To reach the civilian market, the company developed the .45-caliber carbine. Plans call for marketing it primarily to shooting enthusiasts who would use it for competitions and target practice, but it also could be used for hunting.

“This is not going to be a gun for everyone,” Kushell said.

Company officials said the Super V mechanism can be adapted to any caliber weapon. Work currently is under way on a 12-gauge shotgun.

I’m not a huge fan of pistol caliber carbines, but I’d definitely pick up one of these.  Clearly TDI thinks more highly of the civilian market than H&K, and I hope sales of their civilian line of firearms is brisk.

8 thoughts on “Civilian KRISS?”

  1. It’s a pretty cool design, from a mechanical engineering standpoint.
    I’d love to shoot one.

    Maybe next year in Reno? ;)

  2. Maybe Mr. C can convince TDI to come out and demo the civilian model for us, and maybe just happen to bring along a full auto submachine gun version for us to try as well ;)

  3. While I personally see a pistol as the best option for my home as defence goes. I think a pistol carbine is the BEST choice for home defence gun on a universal level. All the controlability of a rifle, the compact size of a short shotgun/carbine, less recoil than a handgun, but more stopping power…all that and cheap ammo!

    Real good for the non-gunnie who wants an effective tool that is easy to practice with, but won’t take all thier time to master

  4. I have to admit, this gun has peaked on my “shiny” meter ever since I saw it on FutureWeapons, but I would really have to shoot one before I decided on purchasing it. Especially since they were all evil and announced this thing after I went spent way too much on my rifle…

  5. The great thing about the KRISS is the reduced recoil. In full-auto with a pistol caliber this helps keep multiple shots on target. Most semi-auto pistol caliber carbines do not suffer from excess recoil so this feature seems a little redundant. I am, however, looking forward to the semi-auto 12 guage with much reduced recoil.

  6. Wait-a-minute, don’t you own a Hi-Point carbine?

    I guess it hasn’t made a big impression on you. Or maybe it doesn’t work too well.

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