ABC Lying About Guns

Go check out Confederate Yankee.  We really need to start educating reporters that there is basically no way that people are buying machine guns on the US market and shipping them south of the border.  As Confederate Yankee says:

The focus of the story, according to ABC News, is that U.S. dealers of civilian firearms are to blame for Mexico’s drug cartels and their violence problems… so why do they highlight an M60 general purpose machine gun, a weapons still in use in Mexico’s military, but impossible to find in the open U.S. civilian market?

Could it be, and maybe I’m crazy here, that the Mexican government finds it more convenient to blame the US, rather than admit there’s massive corruption within its own military that allowing smugglers to pilfer weapons out of government armories?  Of course, there are people on our side of the border willing to play along with this charade for their own purposes, including, apparently, ABC.

UPDATE: SayUncle has more.

3 thoughts on “ABC Lying About Guns”

  1. ABC has a video of this garbage, complete with the ATF idiot saying that the M60 fires rounds that will “pierce light armor.”


  2. See also the comments on the ABC website. Lot of lies in that piece of crappy reporting….

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