Typical Philadelphia

Dave Hardy tells us about a new program in Philadelphia.   Waive your fourth amendment rights to let police search for guns, and don’t get charged.

What’s wrong with this program?  Well, it’s not a crime to possess a firearm in Pennsylvania unless you’ve been convicted of a list of enumerated state and federal offenses, or you’re a juvenile.   If gun crime, which everyone admits is generally committed by multiple offenders, is a real problem in the City of Philadelphia, wouldn’t it make more sense to forget about the gun, and get the person who shouldn’t have one off the streets instead?   In the city’s flawed thinking, it is the gun that must be hauled off, and the criminal, well, they can stay on the streets so they can buy another gun, and keep committing crimes.

But we need one-gun-a-month because our gun laws aren’t working.  The city politicians are aptly demonstrating exactly why they aren’t working: they aren’t being enforced.

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