Fireworks Cancelled! Blah!

Apparently the contractor who was scheduled to do the Alexandria fireworks canceled at the last minute, so they had to cancel the show.  At least that was the rumor on King Street.  The show was definitely canceled though, so I got to watch no fireworks this Fourth of July.  Fortunately, I got to go to my favorite Thai restaurant in the area, Mai Thai.  I’m a fan of their Thai Drunken Noodle with mixed seafood.  I’ve been meaning to try their curry dishes, but so far I’m a fan of their noodle dishes.  Back home I have a few good Thai places I like to go to, but if you’re ever in the DC area, Mai Thai is pretty good.

One thought on “Fireworks Cancelled! Blah!”

  1. Too bad I didn’t know you and Bitter were down in Old Town… I would have invited you up to the studio to (not) watch fireworks! Jim Geraghty from National Review, his wife, my wife, and myself were all there. Next year, perhaps.

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